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Artist's Statement/Bio


 I was fortunate to have studied, practiced and lived my formative artistic years during the cultural apex of 20th Century Art, in the capital of the artworld, New York City. 
At 18, I moved to NY from New England to study at The Art Students League with the historically important artists, Will Barnet and Larry Poons. During those years, I also worked as assistant to Angelo Savelli and Seymour Lipton. 
I experienced firsthand, leading work at galleries, museums and private studios. Throughout the 57th Street and Madison Avenue area and the budding downtown loft area, the excitement of openings of renowned and up-and-coming artists was a weekly occurrence. In the meantime, I resided in a quiet, post-factory SoHo loft where I could stretch and paint larger-than-easel-sized canvases. I spent many years developing my individual mix of Abstract Expressionism and Systemic, Non-Objective compositions. These works gained from the strong compositional foundation I received from Will Barnet. His influence helped me on my way to solid pictorial and abstract dynamic structure. The youthful influence of Larry Poons and his infectious joy of painting, steeped my work's development in the contemporary american dialectic aesthetics, that evolve to this day. 




Like Poons, who was trained as a musician, my own journey as a musician incorporates the inspiration of music, in all its forms, to permeate the timing and choices within my artistic process. The multicolored, repetitive motifs of jazz, r&b infuse the rhythmic flow of my drawing and painting. In addition to the productive environment of teachers and international peers, two iconic American artists, Arthur Dove and Clifford Still, who are somewhat separate, from the NY School milieu, also have inspired my artistic growth. Recently, over the last 18 years, I have focused on developing my personal style in and with a practical medium. My most current endeavors apply my decades of painter's knowledge and draftsmanship to a digital format. My art is created rather spontaneously, ala Action Painting, while I am critically aware of the end results, through eighteen years of digital printmaking, with the variance of color output that changes from computer to concrete manifestation. My primary goal is to create works with occasional nods to my important influences from the last century and a half. Yet, I would like my works to stand alone from anything made before. 
My best works are founded in a deep-rooted artistic heritage, that combine with a personal freshness and, I hope, historical originality. My drawings, painting and prints are in numerous private collections throughout the world. I have had showings, solo and group, throughout the Northeast. The art is printed on proper paper, raw canvas or metal to an unlimited variety of sizes. 
All colors and materials are lightfast, archival to museum standards in signed, limited editions of 5...with Artist’s Proof   
Hope you enjoy my prints, here.

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